Hi, I'm Craig, a web developer based in Hebei, China. I love to create intuitive interfaces with clean, balanced designs and delightful user experiences through thoughtful details.
I tweak my productivity systems using tools like
Calendar to stay organized and focused.
Outside of work, I enjoy listening to country
Apple MusicMusic
Apple PodcastsPodcasts
as well as reading reading crime fictions.
I am also a proudJuventino.

About this site:

The design of the website is heavily inspired by vercel, as well as some indi blogs such as Leerob.io, Ding.one, Rauchg, SJ.land, Glenn, and Paco.me. The intent here is to bring simplicity minimal, full of details and joy.

Notion serves as the headless CMS for this website. It remains the best note-taking and PKM solution, by far.

It's currently build with Next.js 14, although there's a possibility of switching to Remix in the future. Some images are cached using WordPress Jetpack CDN, for better accessing within the mainland China.

Also, huge s/o to my friends Milanooo22 for providing suggestions for this website from a designer's perspective.

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