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I wrote this article early on, I can't remember the exact date or details, the content is for reference only, thank you!

A static blog build on top of Notion and Nextjs, deployed on Vercel.

Initially, I designed Nobelium because I couldn't find a blog theme I was happy with, and I just had to design my own website, so I decided going to write one myself. Then I saw SpencerWoo's article and found that I could use a third-party API / rendering tool to display Notion pages, so I decided to use Notion as a data source.

Notion has perhaps the best Headless CMS 😂, with Next.js Incremental Static Regeneration (ISG), where articles are updated in Notion and the site is synchronized with updates without redeployment.



🚀  Fast and responsive

  • Fast page render and responsive design
  • Fast static generation with efficient compiler

🤖  Deploy instantly

  • Deploy on Vercel in minutes
  • Incremental regeneration and no need to redeploy after update the content in notion

🚙  Fully functional

  • Comments, full width page, quick search and tag filter
  • RSS, analytics, web vital... and much more

🎨  Easy for customization

  • Rich config options, support English & Chinese interface
  • Built with Tailwind CSS, easy for customization

🕸  Pretty URLs and SEO friendly

Quick Start

  • Star this repo 😉
  • Duplicate this Notion template, and share it to the public
  • Fork this project
  • Customize blog.config.js
  • (Optional) Replace avatar.svgfavicon.svg, and favicon.ico in /public folder with your own
  • Deploy on Vercel, set following environment variables:
    • NOTION_PAGE_ID (Required): The ID of the Notion page you previously shared to the web, usually has 32 digits after your workspace address
  • That's it! Easy-peasy?
Wait for a sec, what is Page ID?

Technical details

  • Generation: Next.js and Incremental Static Regeneration
  • Page renderreact-notion-x
  • Style: Tailwind CSS and @tailwindcss/jit compiler
  • Comments: Gitalk and more incoming

Special Thanks

Notion 中文社区


Lee Rob

Spencer Woo


Craig Hart





The MIT License.

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Craig Hart