Nobelium v1.3.0


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I wrote this article early on, I can't remember the exact date or details, the content is for reference only, thank you!

Nobelium has made a lot of updates recently.

  • Support for sorting by date, if you don't set a date, it will sort by the createdDate
  • Support for using private databases (there are still many problems, please don't use it in production)
  • Update the Favicon style
  • Add multiple comment systems, in addition to Gitalk, you can now choose to use Utterances and Cusdis
  • Update Next.js to 10.2
  • Block FLoC by default
  • Added option to automatically hide Nav Bar (thanks @reynard)
  • Search results increased to 20 entries
  • More Accessibility - friendly support (thanks @yokinist)
  • Optimize Tag style on article page
  • Optimize "top" and "back" button style
  • Optimize footer style
  • ~~To celebrate Inter Milan winning Serie A~~, we changed the sans serif font from "Inter" to "IBM Plex Sans" (an angry Juve fan)
  • Serif font changed to "Source Serif"
  • Use Gravatar as avatar, associated with your email
  • Fix the deployment failure when the database has empty articles or some articles do not meet the specification
  • Fix the problem that some contents still follow the browser color scheme when appearance is Light or Dark

We've also made a number of detail changes, and in addition, Vercel has sponsored the Nobelium project! The Nobelium demo site and project home page are now deployed in the Vercel Team account.

From day one, Nobelium is deployed in Vercel, and through Vercel sponsorship, we can see more detailed statistics from Vercel Analytics to optimize the Nobelium experience. All deployed instances will see the "Powered by Vercel" Banner in the footer.

Nobelium may slow down slightly in the coming period, from several updates per day to several updates per week. Feel free to give a try!

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