How to Root XZ2 (probably also XZ2c) in Android 10


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I wrote this article early on, I can't remember the exact date or details, the content is for reference only, thank you!

This post was originally posted on XDA Developers

Android 10 comes earlier than expected, but there's no twrp to flash Magisk to gain root access. I tried to use SAR method to patch boot image, and it actually worked:


  • A PC with ADB environment setup. * If you are using macOS, try to use a Virtual machine instead.
  • XperiFirm to download Android 10 firmware.
  • Magisk Manager App.
  • unsin.exe program to extract sin file.

Download here.


  1. download the latest Android 10 firmware from XperiFirm, the current one is 52.1.A.0.532

  2. open the downloaded folder and find boot_X-FLASH-ALL-B6B5.sin file. it may vary on XZ2C, but it surely will start with boot_X-FLASH-ALL .

  3. drag the boot_X-FLASH-ALL-B6B5.sin file over unsin.exe to extract boot image, then you will get boot_X-FLASH-ALL-B6B5.img in the same directory.

  4. Copy boot_X-FLASH-ALL-B6B5.img into your phone.

  5. Install Magisk manager app, and make sure your phone is connected to the internet

  6. Press Install → Install → Select and Patch a File, and select boot_X-FLASH-ALL-B6B5.img

  7. Copy the patched image from your device to your PC, then flash it with fastboot command:


fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched.img
fastboot flash boot_b magisk_patched.img

fastboot reboot

after reboot the devices, your XZ2 is should be rooted, but it probably not pass SafetyNet Check, you can use MagiskHide Props Config Module to fix it.

I can't find the way to leave the boot image and patched boot image down below as the attachments, but even if I did, I still suggest to do it manually, just in case I am an idiot and it might broke your phone.

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